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Here are some tips to maximize potential success when shopping on our site:

  • Size vs. Measurements. The listed size is our recommendation for the best fit. Some styles are meant to fit snugly, while others should barely skim the body, so we take the design of the garment into consideration when listing the size. The measurements listed in the description are the actual measurements of the garment. If the size is listed UP TO a size, this means that it would look great on a range of sizes, smaller than or equal to the size listed.
  • Know your measurements. We list the most relevant measurements to the garment’s fit. These are actual measurements, not sizes. Many modern pieces have vanity sizing (yes, even menswear!), which means the number size does not always equal the actual measurement. Have a friend help you take your measurements and keep in mind that you need a little room to breathe. 
    • Chest – the widest part of your chest
    • Underbust/Ribcage - the circumference of your ribcage underneath the bust. 
    • Waist – the smallest part of your waist, ie- your natural waist. If you aren’t sure, stand up straight and bend your body to the side. The place where your body folds is your natural waist
    • Waist Length - a vertical measurement from the top of your shoulder to the natural waist.
    • Hip – The widest area of your hip, where your bottom is it’s fullest.
    • Across Shoulder - Measurement taken from the back. Find the outermost point of your shoulder and measure straight across to the same spot on the other side. 
  • Ask questions. If you aren’t sure if something will fit or would like more measurements, please contact us. We’d be happy to help you figure it out.
  • Get your items tailored. In the past, everyone went to the tailor or altered their clothing themselves. If you really want your clothing to fit really well, a tailor can hook you up. Keep in mind that items are easier to take in than let out and the fabric inside the garment may be a slightly different color than the rest of the garment. This is due to fading that occurs with sunlight and laundering. This is more of an issue with older items and natural fibers.
  • Condition Descriptions:
    • New with Tags (NWT) - Never worn, with original tags
    • Immaculate - In new condition, no damage
    • Excellent – May have some repairs, discoloration on the lining, a super light stain that has almost been removed, etc. 
    • Good - May have a couple of visible mends, slight discoloration on the outside, areas that are more worn, etc. Imperfections will be listed.
    • Fair - Mostly very old things with lots of wear that are still wearable. 
    • Reference only - Not suitable for wearing. Very damaged or very fragile.