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It's long been known that fashion revolves more than it evolves. The fashion world is cyclical, which makes being in the vintage clothing industry incredibly interesting and fun. We embrace quality and style, no matter the decade, but definitely see the demand for specific items fluctuating depending on the current mode. Looking at fashion magazines and runway shows, we see a lot of familiar designs come around again. 


 Two looks from Miu Miu, Fall 2020 RTW vs. a 1960's brocade evening gown.

Approximately every 20 years a trend will come back around, barely touched by modernity. Embraced by the youth who didn't live through the first iteration, many who wore it the first time around avoid these looks like a plague. Some re-embrace the styles from their own past, digging cherished gems from the back of their closets and breathing new life into them. 

Balenciaga spring 2020 RTW vs. a 1980's Ungaro Skirt Suit.

In other collections, we see designers taking inspiration from multiple sources, mashing together details from past decades, but adding modern style and technological advances; merging ideas from the street and pop culture with period specific silhouettes and/or prints.

Prada mashing up 60's and 80's feels, spring 2020 RTW vs. a 1960's mod jacket.

Finally, there are the classics. The ones that barely change from season to season, year to year, decade to decade. These iconic looks never fluctuate and never go out of style. The little black dress. A classic trench coat. The pencil skirt. We love to see these pieces again and again. They bring familiarity to a new look. They show us how new ideas can be integrated into our existing wardrobe and always look chic.


Dolce & Gabbana's take on the classic safari coat, spring 2020 RTW vs. our 1980's safari jacket.

Every now and then, we'll be highlighting some of the styles on the runway and fashion mags and compare them to pieces from our shop. Not only can we see the origins of new designs this way, we will also be showing you a great way to incorporate the hottest current styles into your life while shopping in a more affordable and sustainable way. Welcome to En Vogue Encore. 

 chanel fall 2020 rtw jacket next to a 1960s boucle winter jacket

Chanel fall 2020 RTW jacket vs. our 1960's boucle coat.


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