Schedule a Private Shopping Appointment

Due to the pandemic, we want to ensure safety and comfort for anyone wishing to shop in store during this time. Anyone can schedule a private shopping appointment with us using the link below. This is a great option if you are at higher risk for Covid 19, or just wanting a more personal shopping experience.  


What to expect from your private shopping experience

All shopping appointments are 1 hour long. We'll be wiping down surfaces with sanitizer between appointments. When you sign up for an appointment, you'll choose a day and time. Depending on the day, either Audra or Sarah will be there to help you. We can act as your personal shoppers, choosing options for you, or stand back and let you do your thing. Your choice!

A little bit about our private shopping personnel...

Audra is the boss lady. She is the owner and curator of the store and knows each and every piece like no-one else, often including their backstories. While her personal stye fluctuates between disco yacht captain and posh pensioner, she is a guru at recognizing your own style and finding the perfect missing pieces to your wardrobe. You can book a private shopping appointment with Audra: Mondays 11-3, Saturday 4-6. 

Sarah is the merchandise master, whose work behind the scenes prepping garments and creating artful displays keeps the shop stocked and looking sleek. Her experience as a clothing and leather designer has given her a deep understanding of garment construction and fit, as well as a keen eye for details and edgy aesthetic. You can book a private shopping appointment with Sarah: Tuesdays 11-3, Thursdays 4-6.